Winmaster App for Competitive exams

A state of the art Learning Management System that is Specially designed to Help students to study from wherever they want. Packed with features that will assist students to secure their career in competitive exams

Live Classes

Our Live class technology help students to attend Live classes from any corner of the world

Video Library

Video Library consists of videos of all topics that can be viewed from Android and Windows platform

Recorded Class

Recorded video of the live classes will provided to students for future reference

Live Exams

Online exams conducted every day at a particular time to enhance competency of our students

  • Online Learning

    Our online learning programs allow our students to attend classes from every corner of the world

  • Discussion Forum

    Discussions and Views about any topics can be entertained here.

  • Technical Support

    Discussions and Views about any topics can be entertained here.

  • Live Exams Explanation

    Explanation video of question on every days Live quiz

  • Lecture Notes

    Topicwise notes based upon latest syllabus for reference throughout the course period

  • Practice Tests

    Preloaded objective Quizzes with maximum number of questions from each topics.

  • Question paper discussion

    Video of the previous years Competitive Exams question paper discussion.

  • Academic Support

    Students having doubt can call to office number and clear their doubts personally.


WINMANTHRA പ്രിയ സുഹൃത്തുക്കളെ , നിങ്ങൾ എല്ലാവരുടേയും പ്രാർത്ഥനകൊണ്ടും പിന്തുണകൊണ്ടും 13 ആം വർഷം പൂർത്തീകരിക്കുന്ന ഈ വേളയിൽ WINCENTRE, ജനറൽ പി എസ് സി പരിശീലനരംഗത്തേക്ക് കൂടി WINMANTHRA യിലൂടെ പുതിയ കാൽവെപ്പ്...

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