Free Telegram groups for PSC Exams preparations

Free Telegram groups for PSC preparations for civil engineers:

We have introduced a new study group on Telegram for PSC preparations for Civil Graduates (ITI, Diploma, B Tech & M Tech). Once you joined the PSC Preparation Group for civil graduates you will get the notification of upcoming Exams, video classes, previously asked Questions and exam preparation tips. It is absolutely free of cost.

Join The Free Telegram PSC Study Group

All participants are expected to abide with Wincentre chat policies and respect Indian national and international laws. This will be a matter of personal responsibility and Wincentre will not interfere or be responsible. However inappropriate use of the groups will be monitored and responded appropriately to support candidates who are serious about their preparation. Note: Using external chat links on the group chats without agreeing with Wincentre staff will lead to rejection of membership. 

Features of the Group
Daily Free PSC MCQs – PSC Sample Question Papers – Video Lectures – Live classes Notification – Key Notes for Rapid Revision – Upcoming Exam notifications – Exam Oriented Seminars – Exam preparation Tips.

Join our Free Live class – Previous year Questions Discussion

How to Join the Free Live Class?

We will be Live on Every Day by 12.45pm. You will get the Live Classes on Facebook Page as well as on Zoom Meeting Software. We will recommend to watch it on Zoom, The advantage is Good Quality videos and you can interact with our faculty.

Features of the Free PSC Live Class  for Civil Engineers

  • Only for Civil Engineers
  • Daily Live Video Classes
  • Daily will cover 5 MCQs
  • Previous Year PSC MCQs
  • Interact with our Faculties
  • PSC Notifications updates
  • Free for All

Sample Questions for PSC preparations for Civil Graduates

Q) A brick moulded with a rounded angle is called:

A. Cownose brick
B. Bullnose brick
C. Coping brick
D. Channel brick

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Answer is B

Bullnose brick: A brick moulded with a rounded angle is termed as a bullnose

Channel bricks: These types of bricks are moulded to the shape of a gutter or a channel

Coping bricks: These types of bricks are made to suit the thickness of walls on which coping is to be provided. Such bricks take various forms such as chamfered, half-round or saddle-back.

Cownose bricksA brick moulded with a double bullnose on end is known as a cownose.

Q) Minimum crushing strength of bricks as per BIS is:

A. 7N/mm2
B. 5N/mm2
C. N/ mm2
D. 5N mm2

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Answer is B

The minimum comp. strength of bricks is 3.5 N/mm2
The brick which comp. strength is 7 to 14N/mm2 are graded as class “A”
The brick which comp. strength is MORE THAN 14N/mm2 are graded as class “AA”

Sample Video Classes for Civil Graduates for PSC Exam:

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    This article is about Free Study Groups for upcoming PSC Exams for Civil Graduates. Daily will share useful informations for the PSC exam Preparations. Join our PSC Preparation Groups for Civil Graduates

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