Amazing Home irrigation practices!!

Subsurface irrigation systems proves a environmental friendly, water conserving method of irrigation, which has proved to be one of the best irrigation practices with almost 90% water application.

What is sub irrigation:

Process of applying water on the rootzone i.e,  below the ground surface as against conventional method of applying water directly on land.

What is drip?

A method of subirrigation. Water is provided directly to root zone of plants through a system of pipe networks as against conventional method of applying water or surface.

Wick irrigation?

Drip has more than 90% water application efficiency. Yet another better and emerging irrigation system is the capillary wick system .Here plants get water though capillary action.

Why  sub irrigation?

1.50% water reduction in comparison to conventional practice – evaporation losses considerably reduced.
2. Fertilizers applied with water uniform application. Fertigation i.e application of fertilizers mixed with water possible.So considerable saving in fertilizer and water possible
3.Better plant growth and yield
4.Disease reduction due to contact of leaves and stem with water


1.Pipe network needed along with pumping systems
2.Clogging of pipes is a concern
3.Unsuitable for crops requiring standing water like rice, wheat etc.

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