Winmaster App Launching ceremony – Grand Quiz (Free for all)

We are excited to announce that registrations are now open for the Launching ceremony – Grand Quiz. The Quiz will be Live by 10:15 am on Dec 2. The winner will get Surprising Gift.
Quiz will have 20 Important Questions with each Questions have 30 seconds to answer. You can attend the Quiz from anywhere by using our new Android app Winmaster. Take the exam to see where you stand as well as to identify your strong and weak areas and plan your revision accordingly. This exam is FREE for all.

How to attend the Grand Quiz?

Step 1: Download Android App from Play Store (Winmaster)

Step 2: Register/Login on the App
Step 3: Once Logged in Select Silver Plan and Enroll for free. Silver Plan is free for all. Once enrolled you can see a List of Study Materials, First one you can see Launching Ceremony – Grand Quiz tab.Grand Quiz you can see there. Quiz will be live only by 10:15 am on December 02 (Sunday). See the below screen shot.

Do not miss this  largest Launching ceremony – Grand Quiz!

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