Wincentre Students who scored Top Ranks for the post of Assistant Engineer (SOIL CONSERVATION)

We are overwhelmed by the wonderful result we have been getting from our students who scored Top Ranks for the post of ASSISTANT ENGINEER (SOIL CONSERVATION) .  we are extremely proud of them and glad that we could help. This is a great motivation for us to work harder and keep improving ourselves for future aspirants. We are happy to share some of the Top Results here.

Winners for the post of Assistant Engineer (SOIL CONSERVATION)

Junior Engineer Railway – Course Details

For first stage CBT – Starts on 16/01/2019 – 15/03/2019
Exam expected on – April/ May 2019
Class mode – Through WINMASTER (Web and Mobile App)
Course Fee – 8000/- + GST
Course available – Till exam date of first stage CBT

Special Sunday Direct Batch will start from January 20th 2019 – Hurry up!

As we all know there are many PSC notifications published, 2019 will be a carrier upgrading year for engineering graduates. Due to requests from students we are planned to start a New Sunday Direct Batch from Jan 20th at Thrissur.

Sunday Batch

The course Covers:

The course will be suitable for the below mentioned exams

♦ Asst. Engineer – PWD/Irrigation
♦ Junior Instructor – Draftsman Civil – Industrial Training Dept
♦ Training Instructor – Draftsman Civil – SC Development Dept
♦ Training Instructor – Surveyor – SC Development Dept.
♦ Overseer Gr. II/ Draftsman Gr. II -Harbour Engineering
♦ Overseer Gr. III/ Draftsman Gr. III -Harbour Engineering
♦ Overseer Gr. III / Tracer – PWD/Irrigation
♦ Tracer – Soil Survey and Soil Conservation
♦ Tracer – Kerala State Development Corporation


Course starts on: 20-01-2018
♠ Classes on: All sundays
♠ Course duration: 1 year
⇒ Seats Limited to 75 candidates (Hurry Up!)

∇ Fee Structure – One Time payment
∇ B.Tech Level – Rs 23500/- + GST
∇ Diploma Level – 20,000/- + GST
∇ ITI Level – 16500/- + GST

Class Timings
> B.Tech Level 10:00 am – 05:00 pm
> Diploma Level 11:10 am – 05:00 pm
> ITI Level 12:50 pm – 05:00 pm

Course Features
♦ Direct Classes with online support – Civil and GK
♦ Mock test on every Sundays
♦ Individual attention
♦ Video Library
♦ Practice Exams
♦ Live online exams on daily basis
♦ Online study materials
♦ Online mock tests
♦ Discussion forum

Download Now – Winmaster

Free Questions

In industrial building, if air-conditioned, ceiling height shall be


A temporary structure erected to a wall for work:


Quarter turn stair turns through an angle of


Maximum number of steps in a flight is limited to:


It is a molding provided under nosing to beautify the elevation of the step:


When two walls meet at an angle other than right angle, it is termed as


Which bond is used only when the thickness of the wall is equal to half brick


Which is the edge of the brick


A brick moulded with rounded angle is termed as


Header bond is most suitable to make


The method of moment distribution in structural analysis can be treated as


Moment required at one end of a member to produce unit angle of rotation at that end is called


The shape factor of rectangular section :


The shape factor of a diamond shaped cross-section


Slope deflection method is :


Which type of rails have both the top and bottom tables were made of same section:


Visible turbidity is of the order of:


When the mode of measurement of turbidity is the adsorption of light, the measuring apparatus is called as:


In case of educational buildings, ceiling height shall be: 


The height of habitable room shall not be less than


A privy with arrangement for flushing the pan with water and it does not include a bathroom


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