Tracer (Soil survey and soil conservation) – Free Quiz & MCQs

Kerala PSC has published the exam calendar for June 2019. The much awaited – Tracer (Soil survey and soil conservation) is scheduled on 21st June 2019, Friday 7:00 AM to 9:15 AM. Last time the exam conducted on 23/11/2016.

Exam Details 

Category No: 133/2018
Department: Soil Survey and Soil Conservation
Name of post : Tracer
Scale of pay : 19,000 – 43600/-
Number of vacancies: District wise
Thiruvananthapuram – Alappuzha – Kottayam – Idukki – Palakkad – Malappuram – Kannur
(One Vacancy from each District)

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Syllabus for Tracer

Part I – Mechanical Engineering

1. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines
2. Engineering materials and properties
3. Basic Mechanical Engineering

Part II – Basic Civil Engineering

1.Building Materials and Construction
2. Mechanics of Materials

Part III – Introduction to Computers & Word Processing

Part IV :General Knowledge, Current Affairs & Renaissance in Kerala

Complete syllabus – Tracer (Download Now)

Tracer Previous Year Questions – Attend Quiz!

Tracer Previous year Questions

1. The height of a telescopic metric staff:


2. Instrument for drawing rays in plane table survey:


3. The point where two reading are taken in leveling :


4. The slope of the road pavement in the longitudinal direction is called:


5. The part of a circle bounded by an arc and its chord is known as:


6. Area of an equilateral triangle is :


7. Ratio of mechanical advantage to velocity ratio:


8. Key plans are drawn in ……. scale


9. In slabs and beams, the grade of concrete mix generally used :


10. According to ISI the strength of concrete is achieved after:


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