Module I Basic Drawings – Instruments, uses, type and layout of drawing sheet, lines – lettering – dimensioning, scales, geometrical construction, orthographic projection

Autocad Drawings – function  keys,  various  commands, short cut keys etc.

Module 2 Surveying

  • Chain Surveying – Instruments, uses, error due to incorrect chain, chaining on sloping ground, principles, survey stations/lines, field book, cross staff, obstacles in chaining, symbols
  • Plane table surveying–Accessories, methods– radiation, intersection, resection, 3 & 2 problems
  • Compass surveying – Prismatic & surveyor’s compass, bearings-types, conversion local attraction, declination, dip, isogonic & agonic lines, meridian
  • Theodolite surveying – Parts of theodolite, definitions & terms, fundamental lines
  • Levelling – Definitions, instrument parts, leveling staff- types, methods of leveling, hand signals, booking methods, curvature & refraction, sensitiveness of bubble
  • Tacheometric surveying–instrument, systems, constsnts, equation, anallatic lens
  • Contours – contour interval, horizontal equivalent, characteristics of contours, methods of locating, interpolation, contour gradient
  • Traverse computations – checks in traverse, plotting, latitude & departure, transit rule, compass rule

Module 3 Road Engineering – Types of road, parts, camber, super elevation, gradients, types of curve, technical terms with simple curve, methods of laying simple curve.

Module 4 Irrigation  –  Types,  technical  terms,  duty, delta, base period, kharif-rabi crop

Module 5 Parts of Building – foundation,  basement,  walls, doors, windows, arch, lintel, roof, stair, English & Flemish bonds, stone masonry

Estimating – Types, units of measurements, deductions

Rate analysis – Heads, lead, lift, quantities/m3 of different items

Module 6 Building materials – Bricks-types, cement- ingradients %, tests, steel bars-weight stone-classifications, timber

Module 7 Advanced Survey Instruments

Total station-Definition, parameters measures by TS, Parts of TS, EDM GPS-Technical terms, cartographic projection-types, Field astronomy-technical terms

Module 8 Volume & Area calculations-Simpson’s rule, Trapezoidal rule, Units-Metric and non-metric, conversion

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