Alappuzha Master Quiz for Civil Engineering Candidates

We are excited to announce that registrations are now open for the Alappuzha Master Quiz. The Quiz will be conducted at Alappuzha Wincentre Centre. You can register using the below form and you have to report at centre by 9:00 am.

Venue: Wincentre, MM Building, CCSB Road, Chungam, Alappuzha
First Prize: Winmaster Platinum (Worth Rs 30k) + Test Series (Worth Rs 15k) + Cash Prize Rs 15k [ Total prize value Rs 60,000/- ]
Second prize: Winmaster Platinum (Worth Rs 30k) + Cash Prize Rs 10k [ Total prize value Rs 40,000/- ]
Third Prize: Winmaster Gold (Worth Rs 25k) + Cash Prize Rs 5000 [ Total prize value Rs 30,000/- ]

Register for the Quiz

If you have any doubts contact us on 907 23456 30

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